Welcome to Konst-art.net..... my homepage on the internet !


 My name is Kennet Jarmo, and I live in
org, Sweden. Painting is for me
way of expressing my visions and inner
 thoughts. I paint in a rather str
ict style,
 though I like to use the so called   "artistic
 freedom" to add a surreal touch to
 my pictures.
 I paint in oil on canvas or hard board.

 Please visit my gallery,
 and you are welcome to ask or comment.


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Oil on canvas, 120 x 58 cm

 "Art stimulates our senses...
  Our senses need to be stimulated to make us
  feel well. Well for both body and soul...
  So...  Art makes us feel well.
 If we feel well, we will live longer...
 Art makes us live longer !"